I think, that maybe,
You’re afraid of being exposed by the flashing lights…

I can hear the distress in your voice

As you yell at the crowds.

The real you is aching

To return to the poetic roots

Hidden under the boards of the Def Jam Poetry stage. 

And listen, I’ll be the first to tell you I know it all falls down;

But each day it becomes harder to stand behind you when you’re contradicting The College Dropout 

All of the lights must be so blinding;

Making it easier for you hide behind masks and;

The monsters under your bed have now become

Yeezy models. 

Seasons 1.2.3…..

And even through the holes in your t-shirt; your fans still can’t feel you. 

When Cole called you a false prophet;

It made me look back at your career;

I tried coming to your defense–

But the message was clear. 

I admit it hurts to watch an idol fall through a downward spiral; you weren’t supposed to get caught up in it. 

Too much of a good life must have caused the pain you’re in now;

Between losing your mother and the car crash you survived & told us about through a closed mouth. 

Is that what it is, Ye?

Did they sew your mouth shut?

Did they strip you of your passion; just to keep their reputation up?

Don’t you realize you’re a champion in the eyes of hip hop’s heart?

You knew back then it wasn’t all about coke & birds, more like spoken word;

Now you’re barely putting it down….


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